Ten Simple Steps To Help You Get The Most From Your Therapy: Stamford Counsellor Andrew Brackenbury suggests ten ways you get more from your counselling sessions
How do I make the most of my therapy? If you've never been to see a counsellor before, you may be thinking that it's the therapist's job to 'fix' your problems. While that admittedly sounds rather nice, even if it could be done, the next serious issue you faced would no doubt provoke a crisis. Hence […]
How Many Counselling Sessions Will I Need? Stamford Counsellor Andrew Brackenbury explains why you’re in control
  So you’re sick of feeling down and you've decided you'd like to see a counsellor. But suddenly new worries pop up: How many sessions will I need? Will I be in therapy forever?!  Here, I’ll make it clear there's no need to worry, you're in control   After my first counselling session  I was so […]
Nervous about contacting a counsellor? Stamford counsellor Andrew Brackenbury explains why there’s no need to be
If you’ve never contacted a counsellor before it can seem a strange, uncomfortable or even scary idea. After all, telling strangers our deepest feelings isn’t something we’re brought up to do. I get how nerve-wracking it can feel, so here I’ll explain why taking that step is actually risk-free and nothing like as scary as […]
Feeling nervous about your first counselling session? To help you feel more at ease, Stamford Counsellor Andrew Brackenbury explains everything you need to know.
  Are you thinking about going for counselling, but worrying about what the first session would be like? Or have you already booked, but you’re feeling really nervous about it? I know I was before my first counselling session, so to help calm those nerves, here’s an overview of what to expect   I can […]

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